Four major asteroids are also pulling past Earth over the weekend

On Saturday at dawn it is approx. The asteroid 2021 VR the size of the Cheops Pyramid is 5-6 million kilometers away. The 2021 VR doesn’t even come alone, a smaller asteroid also carries it, the 20-meter-diameter 2021 VJ11.

And a day later, a piece of rock even larger than 2021 VR, the 190-meter-diameter 2016 JG12, travels 5.52 million kilometers from our planet at a speed of 7 kilometers per second. This phenomenon is likely to be visible from the ground, but it is not yet known where it comes from.

And one day on it, the 300-meter-diameter 1982HR travels 5.7 million kilometers from our planet. (Newsweek, Daily Star)

(The cover image is an illustration, not a weekend of asteroids.)



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