Four leisure proposals in Barcelona to overcome the Blue Monday week

The third Monday of January has been known, for some years now, as Blue Monday, that is, ‘Blue Monday’. This is because a researcher at Cardiff University, Cliff Arnall, drew on various averages for an advertising campaign carried out by the defunct Sky Travel travel company and concluded that this day is the saddest of the whole year. That is why it is known as blue.

According to the same professor, this is due to several reasons: meteorological, since on this side of the hemisphere it is cold and gray days are concentrated; financial; post-vacation depression; and the fact that New Years resolutions are beginning to be forgotten. For all these reasons, the third Monday of January is, according to Arnall, the saddest day of the year. He even created a formula to prove it: W + (Dd)]x TQ / M x NA.

But it is not all bad news. Although we are in the middle of the Blue Monday week, Barcelona has several leisure proposals, be they exhibitions in museums, music, circus or theater, which will make you forget the saddest week of the year. Culture is once again saving. And if you are a subscriber and, therefore, you are part of the Vanguard Club, you will have an exclusive discount on all of them.

The circus of yesteryear is coming home for Christmas

30% discount on all performances at Circo Raluy Legacy

JM Montserrat

Our first proposal to overcome the Blue Monday week comes from the hand of one of the most recognized national and international circus companies, and that after two years of absence has returned to that city where it has reaped some of its greatest successes: Barcelona , and more specifically, the Port Vell.

Until next February 28, the Raluy Legacy Circus presents its latest show, ALL CRAZY, a new modern, fresh, positive event and, as always, with the Raluy seal of quality, the result of their centennial experience of the classic and authentic circus. It is a totally different show that will surprise the whole family, with several crazy things at the top of the circus dome, and much more.

With the card Vanguard Club, enjoy a 30% discount on all the functions of the last show of the Circus Raluy Legacy, ALL CRAZY, which is once again a great antidote to make us smile in difficult times. And, in addition, with all the security measures against the coronavirus.

The return of one of the great theatrical works of recent years

Up to 20% discount on tickets to La caula de las locas

Up to 20% discount on tickets to La caula de las locas

Vanguard Club

The theater is also a good option. In fact, Barcelona has historically been considered a city in which the performing arts have always been welcomed and have triumphed. An example of this is that several works that have already set foot in some of the most emblematic Barcelona theaters have returned to Barcelona, ​​after visiting other cities. This is what happened to The cage of the crazy.

For weeks now, the mythical Teatre Tívoli in Barcelona has been the new home of this play directed by Àngel Llàcer and Manu Guix, and which in 2018 saw 170,000 people only in the Catalan capital. The cage of the crazy is a hymn to individual and collective freedom, with a daring staging, surprising choreography, exuberant costume design and a universal theme. And, in addition, with the maximum security measures against Covid-19.

With the card Vanguard Club get a 20% discount on tickets for Thursday performances and a 10% discount for Friday, Saturday and Sunday performances The cage of the crazy, where each function is a party that you know how it begins … but never how it ends!

A sample to remember the Barcelona of before with the latest technology

Various discounts on tickets for the Barcelona Memoria Fotográfica exhibition

Various discounts on tickets for the Barcelona Memoria Fotográfica exhibition

Vanguard Club

Barcelona is also a city that stands out, and a lot, for its museums. It has a great variety, spread throughout different parts of the Catalan capital, and one of the newest, opened in 2019 occupying the old location of the historic Ideal Cinema, offers one of the most interesting exhibitions these days. Until February 7, the Center d’Arts Digitals de Barcelona, ​​known as IDEAL, will host the exhibition Barcelona Photographic Memory.

This exhibition allows visitors to discover the best photographs of Barcelona from the 50s and 60s thanks to spectacular works by six masters: Francesc Català-Roca, Oriol Maspons, Leopoldo Pomés, Joana Biarnés, Xavier Miserachs and Isabel Steva, ‘Colita’ . The exhibition has, among other attractions, a 1000 square meter screen, in addition to 360-degree projections and a virtual reality experience.

It is a tour of the Barcelona of the past with the latest technology, and with the Vanguard Club you have a 2×1 on adult tickets for all sessions on Saturday and Sunday, and a 15% discount on adult tickets for sessions from Wednesday to Friday, to enjoy the exhibition Barcelona Photographic Memory at the IDEAL Barcelona. Without a doubt, a unique proposal.

The best classical music in the emblematic Palau de la Música Catalana

Various discounts on BCN Clàssics tickets

Various discounts on BCN Clàssics tickets

Vanguard Club

Music is also another great proposal to face the week of Blue Monday with optimism. One of the most special musical venues in Barcelona is, without a doubt, the Palau de la Música Catalana. And, together with L’Auditori de Barcelona, ​​it hosts the fifth season of BCN Clàssics.

It is a contest that stands out for three essential characteristics: top international artists, great titles from the classical repertoire and works of the Catalan musical heritage, and in the coming weeks it will offer essential classical music proposals. For example, on February 1 it will be the turn of the Moscow Virtuosi and Vladimir Spivakov, on March 12 the pianist Evgeny Kissin will perform and on May 26 they will perform Yo-Yo Ma and Kathryn Stott.

With the card Vanguard Club, enjoy 2×1 on the first tickets and a 15% discount on the following concerts of the BCN Classics at the Palau de la Música Catalana in Barcelona. Without a doubt, a great option to enjoy the best classical music at a great price.

With your card Vanguard Club, enjoy these and more advantages. Discover them all in or in the Club app.

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