Four Friends from Japan Get Overcharged in Italian Restaurant for Using Wi-Fi

EMutan Pani provided a restaurant to four friends from Japan who were vacationing together in Venice, Italy. The students who complained to the police in return gave the restaurant the work of eight. Four students from Japan had this unfortunate experience at a restaurant in Italy. After eating, the students literally rolled their eyes at the bill they received. When four people had an early meal, they received a bill of one lakh rupees. The students were puzzled when they asked why.

The incident took place at the Osteria de Luca restaurant near the famous St. Mark’s Square. The students ordered four plates of steak, one plate of fried fish and one bottle of water from the restaurant. When he paid the restaurant bill after eating, the price was 1100 euros (roughly one lakh rupees). Students were shocked to see the bill amount. The students asked why there was no bill of such a huge amount. The four used the restaurant’s Wi-Fi while eating. The shopkeeper informed that the bill came to such a large amount because all four of them used Wi-Fi and it was correctly added to the bill.

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Finally, after calling their friends, the four students collected everything they had and left the restaurant after paying the bill of one lakh rupees. But they were not ready to let go of the restaurant owner who charged him for using the Wi-Fi. After leaving the restaurant, the four students approached the Italian police in Bologna and filed a complaint describing the ordeal they faced. The police investigated the students’ complaint that the restaurant overcharged them for using Wi-Fi during meals and found the complaint to be true. Then the restaurant owner had to pay Rs 12.5 lakh as compensation to the students.

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