Four-day week: Continuation of short-time work by other means


The SPÖ is pushing ahead with its demand for a four-day week. But not everyone in the party is happy with it. What the Rendi-Wagner Plan is supposed to do – and how it differs from other models.

At the SPÖ club retreat on Monday, party leader Pamela Rendi-Wagner emphatically placed it in the display: the four-day week. However, the plan was not always well received in the party: Burgenland’s governor Hans Peter Doskozil considered the debate about a reduction in working hours to be “ridiculous”, there are more important things. Vienna’s City Councilor Peter Hanke said in the “Kurier”: “I think there are currently other priorities that are of primary importance.” He would rather take care that entrepreneurs get better as quickly as possible.

Viewed in detail, the Rendi-Wagner plan is less a reduction in working hours à la France, but rather a continuation of short-time working with other means.

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