Four contributions under the tree: how to get the money

Support for businesses closed during the lockdown, contribution for start-ups, aid for operators with revenues between 10 and 15 million euros and equalization. These are the four non-repayable economic measures for companies and professionals that will help make the Christmas holiday period less bitter for thousands of citizens. The Revenue Agency has given the green light to the submission of applications to request the contributions which must be sent, depending on the type of incentive, by the end of the year at the latest. But what is the procedure for getting help? And who can receive it?

The fund for closed businesses

To receive financial support for inactive businesses during the most critical period of the pandemic, you must submit an application to theRevenue Agency by 21 December. They have the possibility to request it, as reported by the newspaper Italy Today, holders of a VAT number whose business has been closed for at least one hundred days in the period from January 1st to July 25th 2021. These entrepreneurs will receive the contribution in two different phases: at first, theincentive it will be distributed to all with a maximum limit of 25 thousand euros (the funds amount to 20 million euros). Subsequently, the remaining sums will be paid in the following way: 3 thousand euros for operators with 2019 revenues up to a maximum of 400 thousand euros and for newly established operators without 2019 revenues. In addition, 7,500 euros will be paid for those with 2019 revenues between 400 thousand and one million euros, and 12 thousand euros for those with 2019 revenues exceeding one million euros.

The incentive for start-ups

The presentation of the contribution requests by the start-upinstead, it expires in a few days, on December 9th. The measure provides for a maximum bonus of one thousand euros, even if the precise figure can be determined only after evaluating the number of applications submitted by entrepreneurs. In this case, those who have started the VAT number from January 1st to December 31st 2018 are entitled to help.

Contribution for operators with revenues between 10 and 15 million euros

For those who earn more than 10 million euros, up to a maximum of 15 million euros, the application for the contribution must be sent no later than 13 December. But how much is the support for this category of operators? The incentive is calculated by applying the average monthly contraction of sales, 20% or 30%.

The equalization

Finally, the application to get the so-called equalization fund it must be submitted by December 28th. This incentive must be calculated taking into account the difference between the economic result 2019 and 2020. Subsequently, net of the non-repayable contributions collected during the lockdown, the percentages provided by the government are applied according to the revenues of 2019 (30%, 20%, 15%, 10%, 5%).


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