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All downstream activities are carried out in close cooperation with the relevant authorities.

All Premier League clubs are undergoing centralized Covid-19 testing on Thursday, Friday and the following days.

After receiving information about the case of Covid-19 in one person who attended the LFF Congress on July 3, the LFF immediately organized testing of both LFF and non-LFF employees, as well as inspections for LFF board members. Operational examinations of these people did not yield positive analyzes.

At the same time, the LFF began announcing former LFF members, technicians and guests at the congress, calling for the opportunity to conduct state-paid inspections. LFF also concentrated its efforts on further compliance with the sanitary protocol of the competition organized by LFF, providing advisory and organizational support to the top league clubs and their testing, in order to ensure the safest possible conditions for the continuation of the super league championship as soon as possible.

These activities, coordinated with the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (SPCC), as well as the Emergency Medical Service (EMS) and the Central Laboratory, have revealed four cases in two Premier League clubs (three per club, one per club).

There are no relevant club players among the sick people.

According to the information available to the LFF, three of these four cases are linked to travel in a public transport vehicle after the LFF Congress on 3 July with the person whose first public information appeared on 8 July. The fourth person received a positive analysis by performing centralized testing in the respective club. All these and binding circumstances have been communicated to the SPCC professionals for a successful epidemiological investigation.

Centralized Covid-19 tests have already been performed at the two Premier League clubs concerned and all results have already been compiled. No other new cases have been reported.

Players and officials of other Premier League clubs, as well as competition judges are also tested in a certain order.

According to the instructions of the SPKC and the sanitary protocol of the competitions organized by the LFF, all four persons are in self-isolation for the required period.

In addition, according to the information available to the LFF, another case of Covid-19 has been diagnosed in other LFF congress members on July 3 (LFF members, guests, technical staff, election candidates).

It was also established that a family member of one sick person was on Friday in the training camp of the FS “Metta” club at the LFF training and exercise center “Staicele”. After consulting the relevant authorities, as well as evaluating the wide range of preventive and safety measures provided by FS “Metta” to the young people of the academy, the risks of the disease were assessed as low. Nevertheless, the person was promptly released from further participation in the camp and provided with the necessary examination, while the parents of other camp participants were informed about the need to closely monitor the well-being of their shots for the next period, if necessary. The tests did not reveal any illness in the family member.

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