Four arrests in drug raids in Dresden and Leipzig

Saxon investigators have succeeded in striking the drug scene in the Free State. As the State Criminal Police Office and the Dresden and Leipzig public prosecutors announced on Thursday, four men were arrested during raids in both cities. The German citizens between the ages of 25 and 52 are accused of armed drug trafficking. They should be brought before the judge.

Numerous evidence confiscated

According to the information, the emergency services searched several apartments and companies in Dresden and Leipzig in the morning. They seized a total of more than three kilograms of marijuana, 500 grams of amphetamines, small amounts of speed, almost 32,000 euros in cash, a alarm gun and electronic evidence.

Months of investigation

The two public prosecutors say they have been investigating the case since last summer. A total of five suspects were identified and structures of organized drug trafficking were uncovered. The seized evidence is currently being investigated.

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