Found Dead, Editor of Metro TV Yodi Prabowo Had Said to His Boyfriend Was Having Problems


TRIBUNNEWSMAKER.COM – lover Yodi Prabowo (26), Suci Fitri Rohmah (24) expressed sadness over the death of the editor Metro TV that.

No wonder, the dream of building a family together Yodi Prabowo has died.

He doesn’t yet fully believe that lovernew was killed pathetic with wounds on his body.

Both of them have planned their wedding.

Holy revealed, he and Yodi had planned his wedding in 2022.

Nevertheless, the wedding plan must disappear.

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A man was found dead on the edge of the Pesanggrahan toll road in the direction of Pondok Pinang, Pesanggrahan, Jakarta, Friday (07/10/2020). (Doc. TMC Polda Metro Jaya / Special)

“In 2022 plans to get married,

still discussing and setting a date, “Suci said after attending the funeral procession of the deceased at TPU Wakaf Rempoa, Ciputat Timur, Kota Tangerang Selatan (Tangsel), Saturday (07/11/2020).

Suci also revealed the figure of the deceased.

During his life, Yodi was known to be quiet in the eyes of his friends.

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