Found a remedy for severe hangover syndrome –

Briefly about the research writes Popular Mechanics. The authors saw that the drug prazosin can be used in the treatment of alcohol withdrawal symptoms, sometimes referred to as hangovers. This condition occurs at the II and III stages of alcoholism. A person may experience the classic hangover symptoms, anxiety, tremors, psychosis, seizures, and sleep disturbances when alcohol is withdrawn.

Scientists conducted a double-blind study on 100 patients with “alcohol use disorder.” Half of them received prazosin and the other half received pacifiers.

As a result, prazosin worked well for patients with the most severe symptoms. After taking it, they decreased the number of episodes of binge drinking and the number of days of drinking. It is noted that prazosin did not affect people with mild withdrawal symptoms in any way.

News stories cannot be equated with a doctor’s prescription. Before making a decision on taking medications, consult a specialist

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