Fossil study for high school students

In the desire to participate in the Biology Olympiad, a competition through the implementation of a scientific project, five students from the Lycée la Découverte, in Decazeville, in the general terminal class, went to where the parts are temporarily stored. and stocks of the Pierre Vetter geology museum (under the Jean-Moulin school). Anne-Solange Arjeau, Head of Collections, welcomed Charlotte Baqué-de-Sariac, Daniel Goncalves, Valentin Segonds, Arnaud Thomas, all four supported by Tom Martin. They came to work in these reserves to study the vertebrate fossils collected by Pierre Vetter. They are going to edit a 5-minute video to present the paleoenvironment of the Carboniferous, a warm basin in which the place was bathed, a long time ago, from which Decazeville was to be born. Their work, concerning the SVT specialty (sciences and life of the Earth), is supervised by the teacher Charlotte Causse. Remember that it is planned, in the more or less long term, to rebuild the Pierre-Vetter museum, demolished for dilapidation.

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