Forza Motorsport runs at sunset on 7 September

Forza Motorsport 7 After September 15, 2021, it will no longer be available for purchase or play on the Xbox Game Pass from the Microsoft Store It reaches the end of life. The game does not run completely – if you have it, you can still download and play, and still have access to multiplayer, but anyone without the game can not buy the digital version. As it says in it Troops Twitter -kontoThis is because the game’s licenses for the use of real cars and tracks expire.

If you are tall Troops Fans, you may have seen this happen before. The games in this series are historical They were fired four years after his release. Harrison 3 Where Removed in September 2020 After launch in September 2016, and Motorsport 6 Removed from Microsoft Online Store I september 2019After the launch in September 2015.

With Motorsport 7, There’s a problem with the Xbox Game Pass. The game will no longer be in use after September 15, leading to an interesting question: What about those who did not buy the game but bought DLC to play the Game Pass version? Sier Forza Everyone in this situation will get a “token” that makes them play the game. The token will be sent to players by August 2 and must be redeemed before September 15, 2023.

When Forza Twitter -konto He tweeted that the games had been removed because the licenses were about to expire, and fans quickly pointed out that some other racing games did not seem to have this problem. For example, Need for speed competitors, It has real cars, Launched in 2013 and currently exists Available for sale in the Microsoft Store. On the edge Approached EA to get an idea on how to license cars for sports, but did not get an immediate response.

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The Forza model seems interesting: much of the work in the games is obvious, and they are often placed as a standard for how good racing games look. About four years later, it became very difficult to buy them. One of my colleagues mourned the loss of the above Harrison 3, He counts as the best game in the series. I’ve never played it, I just want to know which one is better – but I can not get the game (used physics copies are available, but not for PC, and I do not have Xbox).

There is no need to expel or humiliate the Force team. As EA Sports and the NCAA have shownWhen people or brands are involved, it can be confusing to digitize in a way that the real world can play. In addition, the manufacturers of hyper and supercars in Forza can be particularly condescending to the brand. Famous is said to have sent the musician Deadmau5 A stop and deviation letter To customize their car. Whatever the reason, it’s weird that this is how the Force gets licensed.

This can be unfortunate Forza Motorsport 7 Removed from Microsoft’s virtual shelves, it’s a silver lining: standard, deluxe and ultimate versions of the game if you want to get it before it goes 75 percent discount on all, Selling for $ 9.99, $ 14.99 and $ 19.99 respectively. According to Forza’s support articleThey will be on sale until September 15, and you can still play the game even if they are not available for purchase.

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