Forty mayors of the Métropole de Lyon request a conference to renegotiate the investment plan

The president of the Metropolis of Lyon has in fact agreed to open the dialogue following the publication of a forum signed by 46 mayors very upset against the political methods of the environmental executive. In the latter, the city councilors castigated the unilateral mode of governance of the Greens and criticized the distribution of budgets in the multi-year investment plan.

It is moreover this PPI that 40 mayors would like to put back on the table at a metropolitan conference. “So that its commitment finds a concrete and immediate application“, the elected officials sent a letter to Bruno Bernard on Thursday to request the holding of this meeting for the renegotiation of this plan framing all the political action of the most powerful administration in the urban area (transport, housing, subsidies, social, environment, …).

They will be based on article 66 of the Internal Regulations of the Metropolis which wants that “at the request of mayors representing at least a third of the population, a subject of structuring policy or framework documents of the Métropole de Lyon may be included for the mayors’ opinion.“.

The 40 signatories “hope that Bruno Bernard will be able to seize the hand extended to him to take the time to listen and engage in a real dialogue for the benefit of the inhabitants“.

The list of signatory mayors:

ARAUJO Olivier, Mayor of Charly – BARRAL Guy, Mayor of Solaize – BERRUCAZ Gérard, Mayor of Fleurieu-sur-Saône – BLACHE Pascal, Mayor of the 6th arrondissement of Lyon – BREAUD Jérémie, Mayor of Bron – CARDONA Corinne, Mayor of Poleymieux-au -Mont-d’Or – CHADIER Sandrine, Mayor of Craponne – CHARMOT Pascal, Mayor of Tassin-la-Demi-Lune – CHIPIER Yves, Mayor of Albigny-sur-Saône – COCHET Philippe, Mayor of Caluire-et-Cuire and President of the group Rally of the right, the center and civil society at the Metropolis of Lyon – COHEN Claude, Mayor of Mions – CRETENET Didier, Mayor of Saint-Genis-les-Ollières – DAVID Pascal, Mayor of Quincieux – DECHAMPS Véronique, Mayor of La Mulatière – ENDERLIN Angélique, Mayor of Cailloux-sur-Fontaines – FAUTRA Laurence, Mayor of Décines-Charpieu – FOURNILLON Rose-France, Mayor of Dardilly – GASCON Gilles, Mayor of Saint-Priest – GERMAIN Alain, Mayor of Collonges- au-Mont-d’Or – GOUVERNEYRE Pierre, Mayor of Curis-au-Mont-d’Or – GRIVEL Marc, Honorary Mayor ire of Saint-Cyr-au-Mont-d’Or, President of the Synergies-Métropole group at the Métropole de Lyon – GUILLOT Patrick, Mayor of Saint-Cyr-au-Mont-d’Or – MATHIEU Marie-Hélène, Mayor of Saint-Didier-au-Mont-d’Or – MILLET Marylène, Mayor of Saint-Genis-Laval – MONNIER Damien, Mayor of Sathonay-Camp – MOROGE Jérôme, Mayor of Pierre-Bénite – ODO Xavier, Mayor of Grigny – OLIVER Pierre , Mayor of the 2nd arrondissement of Lyon – PILLON Gilles, Mayor of La-Tour-Salvagny – POULAIN Virginie, Mayor of Fontaines-Saint-Martin – POUZERGUE Clotilde, Mayor of Oullins – POUZOL Thierry, Mayor of Fontaines-sur-Saône ¬— QUINIOU Christophe, Mayor of Meyzieu – RANTONNET Michel, Mayor of Francheville – SARSELLI Véronique, Mayor of Sainte-Foy-lès-Lyon – SUCHET Gilbert, Mayor of Montanay – VERGIAT Eric, Mayor of Rochetaillée-sur-Saône – VERON Patrick, Mayor of Couzon-au-Mont-d’Or – VINCENDET Alexandre, Mayor of Rillieux-la-Pape – VINCENT Max, Mayor of Limonest – VUILLEMARD Julien, Mayor of Vernaison



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