Fortuna Düsseldorf: jersey curse! Blue the new black – 2nd Bundesliga

It’s bewitched. Düsseldorf has a jersey crisis …

In the black third jerseys, there were 4 bankruptcies and one draw this season. Fortuna is also without a win in the white away jerseys. Düsseldorf brought all 11 victories in the red home shirts.

Against the penultimate Sandhausen (0: 0) Fortuna reached into the bag of tricks, played with new, blue special jerseys, which are supposed to remind of the old town Köbesse (BILD reported).

But that also went wrong!

Düsseldorf was vastly superior and looked really good in the blue shirts. BUT: There was no victory with these jerseys either.

Blue is the new black!

The last little dreams of promotion of the Bundesliga relegated are becoming more and more utopian.

But the coach still believes in the miracle. Uwe Rösler (52) defiantly on the BILD question whether you can move up if you lose 1: 2 in the last Würzburg and only a draw is played in the penultimate Sandhausen: “Yes!”

ONLY: How is that supposed to work? Fortuna fails against the Keller teams and has not yet been able to beat any of the four top teams in six games.

It runs like a red thread through the 13 months of Rösler’s term of office:

There’s not really much going around.

► The relegation was avoidable (out of 9 draws, 7 could realistically be won).

► Two cups out of a fourth division.

And now Fortuna is almost hopelessly chasing her dream of promotion.



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