Fortress Yourself with the Right Hand Wash, Here’s How

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Lung Specialist Doctor, Intensivist and Respiratory Consultant, Gatot Soebroto Army Hospital, Dewiyana Andari Kusmana, revealed that 80% of patients are positive Covid-19 are people without symptoms (OTG). It also offends how some people still do not understand the use of masks and how to wash their hands properly.

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“First, the palms that have been dripped with soap are rubbed in a circular manner four times. The circular motion aims to make the soap in the palms sweep the entire surface of the hands clean. Second, clean the backs of the hands in an up and down motion so that the germs on the back are gone. , “he said in a dialogue on the Youtube channel BNPB, Sunday (11/10/2020).

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“Third, between the fingers are closed and then rub it so that the germs that are stuck in this fold can be lost. After that, it is rotated and grasped. Fourth, all the fingers are glued together with the tip of the nail on the palm, then rubbed. This movement is used to clean germs that enter the nails. And finally clean the germs around the thumb, “he continued.

He said he had handled Covid-19 since March. According to him, people need to maintain health protocols 3Mnamely wearing masks properly, keeping your distance and avoiding crowds, and washing your hands.

According to him, washing hands, as he explained, is more effective in cleaning germs between hands.

“Washing hands like that will be much more effective. Especially cleaning germs and viruses between nails,” he concluded.

Remember, continue to apply 3M movements: wear a mask, keep distance and stay away from crowds, and wash hands.

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