Fortnite: take the trident at the coral cove, Aquaman challenge – Millenium

Grabbing the trident at the coral creek is one of the weekly challenges to unlock Aquaman, the superhero of the DC universe, who arrived with season 3 of chapter 2.

This season, all owners of the Battle Pass can access Aquaman’s weekly challenges to unlock the DC superhero skin. The latest challenge in the series – and by far the most rewarding – will finally allow you to unlock the outfit of the Lord of the Seas, as well as a collection tool in the shape of a trident.

To do this, you will have to get your hands on the legendary weapon of Aquaman, which allows him to reign supreme in the oceans.

It is therefore on a small rocky ridge which protrudes from the surface that you will find the trident planted like Excalibur. A simple basic interaction and you are in possession of the trident.

Beware however: during the week following the publication of the challenge, very many players will rush on this object. Do not hesitate to start the game a little further back, further on the shore, in order to take the trident once the combat of the landing is over.

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World news – EN – Fortnite: seizing the trident at the coral reef, Aquaman challenge – Millennium

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