Fortnite looks a lot better from this week

It has been a few years since Fortnite came on the market. And the moment the game’s Battle Royale mode appeared, success began. But after all these years, the game is ready for a new lick of paint.

A while ago, the game was already transferred to the new Unreal Engine, making the game ready for the future. And that future seems to actually start this week.

Ray-tracing in Fortnite

Because on 17 september the PC version of Fortnite gets a major update. With that update, the game will support ray tracing. This was announced a while ago in collaboration with Nvidia, during the event where the new generation of video cards were unveiled. Still, you don’t have to get a Geforce 3070 or better right away. The update has been available since the Geforce 2060. In addition, various AMD video cards will also use the new function in the future.

With ray tracing you do not immediately improve in Fortnite or you see the enemies sooner. Above all, it is more beautiful. Ray tracing ensures that light and reflection are displayed more beautifully. This way, glass and water come into their own better, but you also see more shade. The latter is useful in the rare moment when an enemy stalks you from behind. In theory you could then notice him or her thanks to the shadow you see on the ground. Yet it is mainly just a visual joke.

A special folder

To show the new update properly, there will also be a special map in Fortnite called RTX Treasure Run. Created in collaboration with the Fortnite Creative community, it allows the player to search for treasure. Do you want to read more about the game? Then visit our overview page here.

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Fortnite looks a lot better from this week

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