Fortnite: here’s how to install the banned app

Fortnite, the famous battle royale of Epic Games, was banned from the App Store and the Play Store on the night of Thursday to Friday. A personal matter for the publisher, but a disappointment for some traveling players who found themselves orphaned from their favorite game. Still, that doesn’t mean the game is completely inaccessible and there are several ways to get it despite the ban.

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1 °) Android: The Epic Games app or the Samsung Galaxy Store

The first solution is to go to the Epic Games website at this address, either directly with your smartphone, or on your PC (in this case, you will have to scan the proposed QR code with your smartphone). From there, you can either download the file from the mobile application Epic Games App, or directly the game’s .apk file (FortniteInstaller-4.13.apk). Once downloaded, just launch the .apk in question to install the game. Note that some overlays require additional authorization, since the application does not come directly from the PlayStore or the App Store.

For Android users only, there is also the option to go through the Samsung Galaxy Store if you have a South Korean brand device. Nothing could be simpler: just update the SGS and locate the Epic Games application there. From there, you will be able to install the game without any hassle and connect to your account on the official servers. Normally, you should have access to all of your in-game purchases.

2 °) iOS: Reinstallation … or resignation

On iOS, those who have downloaded the app in the past can always reinstall it from theApp Store. To do this, simply go to the App Store, in the Account menu. From there, go to the Purchases menu; the Fortnite application should be waiting for you in the history of installed applications. All you have to do is locate it and install it by clicking on the little cloud. Normally, the various items you purchased in-game should still be available. Be careful though, this method may not work for very long. Unfortunately, if you have never installed the app until today, you have no recourse that is 100% secure. You will therefore have to wait wisely while Apple and Epic Games settle their dispute …

There are also other roundabout methods, with different sideloaders which allow to install a modified version of the game, able to connect to official servers. But we do not recommend any and strongly advise against this technique! Indeed, hackers are well aware that many people will seek to obtain the application by back door means. There is therefore a not insignificant probability that these apks are Trojans, disseminated by opportunistic hackers who target the orphans of Fortnite.

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