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Every week, Fortnite offers you challenges to achieve. Among the challenges to do during this week 3 of season 3, we can find a secret challenge entitled “He had the fangs”. Here is a guide to try to achieve this secret challenge.

How to achieve the secret challenge “He had the fangs” in Fortnite?

The first thing to do to be able to meet this challenge will be to find a fishing rod to add it to your inventory. You can find fishing rods at the following locations:

  • In barrels on decks,
  • In the trunks,
  • or near bodies of water.

Once you have obtained your fishing rod, go near the water and look for a shark lurking in the water.

Once you’ve spotted your shark, wait for a player to approach the water before you can knock it out Above all, do not kill him because you would not have the opportunity to achieve this challenge.

The player knocked down, launch your line as close as possible to the shark spotted previously to shoe it then surf behind the shark and direct it to the knockout player to complete it with the protagonist of “Dents de la Mer”.

And there you have your secret challenge. If you don’t know how to surf behind a shark in Fortnite, here is our tutorial once you have recovered a fishing rod.



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