Fortnite gets Party Royale mode without weapons – Gaming – News

If this works, they will change that capacity.

You do not change this kind of capacity, everything will probably have to be rewritten.
You go from capacity 100 to 200, but to replicate a second life you have to be able to host half a million or similar users. In addition, you also get user stuff that has to be left for a longer time, etc.

I would not be surprised if other MMORPGs do this, and that this creates a new trend in online gaming.

An MMORPG can do such an experiment, only FortNight is not an MMORPG.
FortNight is just a mini-map (for MMORPGS) that should be able to be kept in-memory and that is reset every hour (or how long a game lasts) for 100 players.
That is very different as a giga-map that does not fit in-memory, and that will contain more and more elements through user actions that must exist “eternally” for in theory an infinite number of players …

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