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Forspoken surprises and disappoints. How the controversial game was received on Steam

Forspoken before the release caused a lot of controversy. Reviews and advertising campaign only fueled expectations of a resounding failure of Square Enix. With the release of Forspoken, a demo of the game appeared on Steam

Forspoken is out now on PlayStation 5 next-gen consoles and PC via Steam. In the first hours of the peak online approached 10,000 players on Steam.

Opinions about the game are opposite. Meet complaints for terrible performance, and some at a high resolution of 3440x1440p the game runs at 90 FPS. Someone found racism in the game, and at this time the creator of God of War stand up for the gametrying to stop unreasonable attacks.

There is questions to the storyline. Some users are not happy with how the heroine is shown from the very beginning of the game.

There are reports that Forspoken doesn’t turn on at all. One of the owners of the RTX 4090 warnedthat even a top PC does not always save Forspoken from crashes and freezes. One of the players on PC had all controls set to a gamepad by default (he doesn’t use a gamepad), as a result he observed insane and unrestrained camera rotation, which he could not stop.

Previously, the assessments of gaming journalists caused concern. Indeed, Forspoken turned out to be a controversial game, but someone manages to find positive moments.

Despite the technical problems, Forspoken is a technological game. DirectStorage is used, which often allows you to boot almost instantly (but sometimes you still have to wait a couple of seconds).

Some freeze frames in Forspoken show interesting facial animation of the main character.

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