Formula E Tender Auction ‘Failed’ , PAN: Some Parties Lead Opinions


The chairman of the PAN faction of the DKI Jakarta DPRD, Bambang Kusumanto, mentioned the pessimistic young people Formula E will not be able to be held because the auction circuit tender ‘failed’. In fact, Bambang views that the preparations for Formula E are still ongoing.

“Only because of the statement that the tender failed, several parties accused, leading public opinion, as if Formula E would fail. The narration describes a prayer that hopes this event will fail. Even though it is still on progress, the plan is still running,” said Bambang in his statement, Thursday (27/27/2020). 1/2022).

Bambang did not mention who the ‘young people’ or groups he called were leading the opinion of the failure of Formula E. What is clear, he asked the public to provide opportunities for the DKI Provincial Government and the Formula E committee to work.

“We should have given the opportunity first, give encouragement. Do not incite the public to reject the event that is still being carried out,” he said.

“Unfortunately, young people use their energy and thoughts to bring down, not constructive innovations,” he continued.

Bambang admitted that he was worried that the negative narratives presented to the public would make investors and tourists uncomfortable visiting Jakarta. Therefore, he invites all parties to think positively about the Formula E event.

“He said he wants Jakarta to progress, he wants the economy to improve, let’s support it, give us input that makes this event even better,” he said.

As is known, the matter of the auction ‘failure’ was revealed through the JakPro e-Procurement site. The method of procurement is auction with post-qualification. The estimated price value (HPS) is IDR 50 billion.

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