Sport Formula 1 / Sebastian Vettel in the DTM? Berger:...

Formula 1 / Sebastian Vettel in the DTM? Berger: “There are hardly any alternatives”


Sebastian Vettel and his Formula 1 future are still unclear after the Ferrari retirement. His ex-team boss would like to see him at Mercedes and the DTM is also involved.

  • The future of Sebastian Vettel * concerns them formula 1* still strong.
  • Which team does the German start after his Ferrari exit *?
  • Bernie Ecclestone is now talking about him, Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton (see update from May 30th, 10.12am).

Update from June 2, 6:20 p.m .: Gerhard Berger sees for the future of Sebastian Vettel in the formula 1 hardly any alternatives. “He wants to drive in a top team, there is only Mercedes as a possibility. But there, too, I’m afraid the seats are occupied, ”said DTM boss Berger the

Sport picture in the interview. Vettel must be at the end of the season Ferrari go. Whether he also continued his active career in Motorsport continues, is not yet known.

“For him there can only be the DTM. But seriously: why not? He still drives at the highest level. So he can compete with racing cars he likes with other great drivers, ”said Berger cheerfully.

Gerhard Berger: “This is a setback for the DTM”

After the surprising exit announcement from Audi At the end of the year, the only manufacturer left in the DTM for 2021 is currently BMW. This threatens the Racing series the end. “Basically, the exit of any manufacturer is a setback for the DTM,” said the former Formula 1 driver Berger.

The step by Audi is particularly disappointing. “Nobody came forward, not before, during or after. I really haven’t heard from any board personally to date. Of course, this does not change the fundamental decision, which is to be respected anyway. But it already shows the different approaches and company cultures, ”said Berger.

Vettel in the silver arrow in the future? “Maybe you feel like a headache”

Update from June 2, 5:10 p.m .: While it would be inconceivable for some experts, Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton Ex-Mercedes test pilot can see himself in a team

Pascal Wehrlein will definitely introduce the duo. “I can definitely imagine that,” said Wehrlein, where he classifies his statement: “But you also have to see: Mercedes has always won with both drivers in the last few years, i.e. driver and team titles. A team always has a hard time swapping drivers. ”

However, Wehrlein can do the wish of many Formula 1Fans in Germany understand to see Vettel in the silver arrow. “Sebastian is a four-time world champion and German, you shouldn’t forget that at Mercedes, of course,” says Wehrlein.

The contract from Hamilton’s teammate Valtteri Bottas will also expire in 2021 – and so far there is no agreement on an extension of the contract.

Formula 1: Red Bull team boss with announcement about Vettel’s future: “It would be great to see all of us”

Update from June 2nd, 10.17 a.m .: Formula 1 starts the new season in Austria in just under four weeks. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic the start of the season had been postponed. Despite the lack of races, it hasn’t gotten boring in the past few weeks, because the driver’s carousel picked up speed.

So prolonged Sebastian Vettel his contract with Ferrari expiring in 2021. The future of the ex-world champion is currently still in the stars, but there are enough rumors. Quite a few Formula 1 fans hope for a commitment from Vettel at Mercedes.

But how realistic is the whole thing? For Christian Horner, Team boss of Red Bull Racing, the duo Vettel-Hamilton would be very exciting to follow. “Maybe Mercedes yes, want to have the headache to have him and Lewis together, ”said the Briton somewhat ironically at F1 Unscripted in conversation with ex-F1 driver David Coulthard:“ It would be great for all of us to see and experience. ”

Formula 1: Vettel’s future? Insider predicts the next two years

Update from June 1, 11.35 a.m .: The formula 1 is facing a major upheaval. For German fans it is particularly interesting at the moment how it works with Sebastian Vettel goes on. After leaving Ferrari, the only German driver is without a cockpit after the season.

The insider and long-time Formula 1 editor Michael Schmidt has now given his qualified assessment of Vettel’s future in Auto-Motor-Sport. A Switch to Mercedes therefore only comes into being if Lewis Hamilton would overdo it in his negotiations in terms of salary.

Schmidt believes that Vettel drives next to Hamilton as improbable or impossible. On the one hand, because then two mega salaries would have to be paid. And on the other hand, since Formula One has currently learned that two top drivers are not always helpful in the battle for the title.

One too Switch to a middle class team the expert thinks this summer is unlikely and says: “I definitely think that he will take a year off then”. It would therefore make no sense for Vettel to take a step back, as Daniel Ricciardo had done and now is struggling to get back up.

The situation could then change fundamentally during the break in the year Budget ceiling. “Perhaps teams are coming up that nobody is thinking about yet”says Schmidt and is certain: “There will be changes”. He advises Vettel to take a look at the developments for a year, and then possibly climb into the cockpit of a winner of the new system.

Formula 1: Vettel confidant drops the bomb – “He would like to …”

Update from May 30, 10.12 a.m .: The start of the season of the formula 1 closer, but unfortunately drivers and fans still have to be patient for over a month. At the 5th July will be driven for points for the first time this year.

In the meantime, events in the premier class roll over. Sebastian Vettel, Carlos Sainz, Daniel Ricciardo – After the upcoming season, the field of drivers will be whirled around. There is the recently decided Budget ceiling, the RenaultPromise to continue in the formula 1 to start and the possible sale of traditional racing team Williams.

Formula 1: Sebastian Vettel for Mercedes? Bernie Ecclestone is listening

For many components, the future is the formula 1 not clear. The longtime boss knows that too Bernie Ecclestone (89). Compared to the Evening standard the father-to-be * now spoke about the future of Sebastian Vettel, to whom he is still very close. “I’ve talked to him quite a bit. Maybe he should take a year off and come back in 2022. ”

Vettel can see in this way how theformula 1 develop, after all 2021 rule changes are pending. And then lets Ecclestone another bomb burst: “What I think he would like to do is: Drive for Mercedes and against Lewis. “

Hamilton is Vettel’s permanent rival, but do you see them one day in the same team? The world champion’s contract expires at the end of the season. He has not yet signed a new working paper – but the Brit certainly has all the trump cards in his hand.

Formula 1: Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton together for Mercedes?

Maybe after seven years he is thinking of saying goodbye to Mercedes? For a possible mating Vettel / Hamilton at Mercedes Speaks: Teammate Valtteri Bottas‘Contract also expires at the end of the season.

However, this is not unusual, as is well known, the Silver Arrows generally take a lot of time with new contracts. And when it comes to Bernie, Seb is going to have a Sabbath year anyway.

Formula 1 experiences the next cracker: traditional team before sales – effects on Vettel’s future?

Update from May 29, 8:08 a.m .: Next cracker report in the formula 1! The Williams team stands before the sale – it is behind Ferrari and McLaren the third most successful in the history of the premier class.

As in a statement by Williams Grand Prix Holdings PLC (WGPH), “all strategic options available” are currently being considered. There were significant financial losses, particularly in the 2019 financial year.

Formula 1: Williams team is about to sell

The CEO of Grand Prix Holding said that there hadn’t been any concrete talks with potential interested parties yet, Mike O’Driscoll, in an official statement from the team. Only the first informal talks with potential investors had been held.

In addition, the collaboration with the previous main sponsor ROKiT ended – reasons were not given. Participation in the 2020 season is not endangered by the new development, it is said, rather it is a “correct and prudent step to gain time to think”. The top British talent drives for Williams George Russell and the Canadian Nicholas Latifi.

What does that mean for them formula 1? Sebastian Vettel is still without a cockpit, Williams would not have been an option for him anyway. After all, the German wants a car that can win titles – and the British traditional racing team has not done that recently.

Formula 1: Sebastian Vettel leaves Ferrari – Daniel Ricciardo was also discussed as a successor

Update from May 29, 9:41 a.m .: The Ferrari time from Sebastian Vettel expires. With Carlos Sainz his successor has already been determined. Now another pilot, who apparently also had contact with Ferrari, drew attention: Daniel Ricciardo.

The Australian said CNN. “There were discussions a few years ago. And that went on until today. But obviously nothing came of it. ” Ricciardo instead changes from after the season that is scheduled to start on July 5 Renault to the traditional British team McLaren and takes over the place of Sainz.

Ricciardo is not annoyed that the Scuderia ultimately decided against him. “I see that Carlos fits well into the team. So I don’t really look at it this way: why not me? Yes, Carlos had a very strong 2019. Yes, he’s a hot iron right now and I think it fits well with where they stand, ”he said.

And how’s it going for Vettel continue? Maybe it will pull him then Renault, finally the cockpit is next Esteban Ocon after Ricciardo’s farewell free.

Sebastian Vettel: future in Formula 1? Felipe Massa with praise

Update from May 28, 9:33 a.m .: Sebastian Vettels Future in the formula 1 is also vacant because many consider his time at Ferrari to be a failure. But now a former pilot jumps to his side. Felipe Massa – Driver from 2006 to 2013 in the Ferrari – put in a good word for the German.

“One shouldn’t forget that Ferrari last won the (constructors’) championship in 2008,” said Massa at Sky Sports. Vettel was with Ferrari from 2015 to 2020.

Sebastian Vettel: future in Formula 1? Felipe Massa would not be surprised to resign

“So it’s not just about Sebastian. Sebastian drove many great races, he won many races, or he fought ”, Massa defends the 32-year-old’s performance.

Massa would be one resignation not surprised. After the big racing teams had canceled, Aston Martin and Renault would be available for Vettel to choose from. However, a confidant (update from May 27, 2:20 p.m.) said that Vettel absolutely wants to ride with a winning racing team.

Sebastian Vettel: Formula 1 confidant now reveals his plans – “If he …”

Update from May 27, 2.20 p.m .: Has many options Sebastian Vettel Not. Some racing teams have already made their lineups public for the next season – others are still waiting. Now a confidant has chatted about Vettel’s claims. He knows when the German would and would not continue his career.

Helmut Marko, the Red Bull motorsport director at Sport1 revealed that he was with Vettel is in contact. “I spoke to Seb and the tenor was: If he can join a winning team, he will go on“Marko has been working in the motorsport department since 2005 and accompanied Vettel during his most successful Formula 1 period.

Sounds like Vettel is waiting for the good option. But how does the German define “chances of winning”? One can be excited.

Update from May 27, 1:22 p.m .: A predecessor of Sebastian Vettel at Ferrari has commented on the health status of F1 legend Michael Schumacher. “I know how he is doing,” says Felipe Massa, who once drove at the Scuderia together with Schumacher.

Formula 1: Sebastian Vettel has fewer and fewer options: the next racing team cancels him

Update from May 26, 2:26 p.m .:
Sebastian Vettel gets the next basket! Again says one Racing team the four-time world champion – and that because he is world champion.

“I don’t think he wants to be in the midfield again as a four-time world champion,” says Haas team boss Guenther Steiner in the show “The F1 Show” on the British broadcaster Sky F1. The Austrian can only imagine the racing driver with a top team. The Haas team scored a total of 29 World Cup points in 2019.

“If you have a successful career, you don’t want to take too much risk anymore”, said Steinerwho honestly means: “I can’t pay for that“. Vettel will also not pedal for the US team. And Steiner says that without ever really talking about a contract offer with Vettel. “I didn’t offer him a seat. I think someone else with much deeper pockets than me will do that, ”says Steiner, who is currently on Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen puts.

Formula: Vettel’s future? Legend could snatch a free cockpit away from him

Update from May 26, 9:05 a.m .: Sebastian Vettel and the end with the Formula 1 flagship racing team Ferrari came abruptly. The pilot’s future is now hotly debated. After Vettel’s exit, Carlos Sainz was signed by Ferrari. Because a seat in the McLaren was now free, Renault driver Daniel Ricciardo took over. So Renault has space again – possibly for Vettel?

The team bosses are also aware of the castling within Formula 1. Cyril Abiteboul, by his name Renault boss, spoke to and keeps himself covered, but knows that Vettel is available.

“We are not yet a race and have not even driven a session. To be honest, I don’t know how competitive our car is, ”said Abiteboul. And if you start the 2021 season alongside Renault driver Esteban Ocon, you could still spend a few months on the decision.

“We are assuming that we will be part of a second wave,” said Abiteboul about the driver’s carousel. At Renault, Fernando Alonso is also to be traded. Alonso was world champion in Renault in 2005 and 2006.

Sebastian Vettel / Formula 1: Surprising idea – Has he already found a new racing team?

First report from May 24th:
Munich – What is the future of Sebastian Vettel out? After his surprising end at Ferrari *, a lot will be said about the future of the German Formula 1 drivers* speculates. Vettel sponsor Helmut Marko recently made it clear that Heppenheimer would definitely not do “any middle class team”. Without a title chance, a racing team is absolutely uninteresting for the four-time world champion. But there aren’t that many options for the 32-year-old.

Sebastian Vettel / Formula 1: New option seems to be opening up

Ferrari had with Carlos Sainz quickly one Vettel’s successor* found. The Spaniard was in turn McLaren cockpit promptly from Daniel Ricciardo replaced – was a first option for Vettel straight from the table. Vettel’s former racing team too Red Bull refrained from comeback. Most recently, there was also a move to Mercedes
* speculated, the Silver Arrows initially excluded rapid negotiations. In addition, there are also rumors about the possible end of the triple father’s career. Or is everything different? Now there should be a new way for Vettel give.

Unclear future: where is Sebastian Vettel going?

© picture alliance / dpa / Fabian Sommer

Sebastian Vettel / Formula 1: Future of Heppenheimer – Aston Martin “an option”?

Ex racing driver David Coulthard keeps switching to the new racing team Aston Martin for possible. This could be “an option”, you only have to think a little bit later, said the 49-year-old Briton in the podcast “F1 Nation” and added: “At this point in his career, Vettel could be a brilliant addition to such a team.” He was still very quick and could use all of his knowledge and experience from the years Red Bull and Ferrari bring in, said the former Vice World Champion.

The British sports car maker Aston Martin also wants to start with a factory team in Formula 1 next year and will soon also attack the top. The project is headed by the Canadian entrepreneur Lawrence Stroll. With a group of investors, he pumped more than 600 million euros into the battered car maker. In 2021, Stroll’s current Team Racing Point, for which his son Lance also drives, will become Aston Martin’s racing team.

Between 1994 and 2008 David Coulthard competed for the 246 Grand Prix for Williams, McLaren and Red Bull

© picture alliance / dpa / Erwin Scheriau

Coulthard Vettel can imagine more than the role of a pilot. “Does he go to Aston Martin, join as a partner and start another chapter in his career?” He asked. However, it still seems uncertain whether this idea will ultimately become reality – and thus fits perfectly into Sebastian Vettel’s unclear future.

After a cheat in a virtual race, Daniel Abt has to vacate his Formula E cockpit at Audi.

* is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network

List of rubric lists: © AFP / ALFREDO ESTRELLA


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