Formula 1: Bernie Ecclestone unsettles with strange statements about racism

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Ecclestone unsettles with strange statements about racism

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World champion Hamilton counters ex-Formula 1 boss Ecclestone

After his crude statement that blacks are “more racial than white”, ex-Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone has been heavily criticized. World champion Lewis Hamilton writes that some things are now clear to him.

Bernie Ecclestone drives Formula 1 with his racism theories. The ex-boss of the racing series has followed suit in the dispute with world champion Hamilton. The conflict escalates out of time.

AIn the last few meters before the tricky restart, Formula 1 was just lacking a racism uproar about ex-boss Bernie Ecclestone. “Ignorant and uneducated” are the explosive sentences of the long-time boss of the racing series, etched world champion Lewis Hamilton. As if the ghost start under corona conditions in Austria next weekend (in the sports ticker of the WORLD) was not already sensitive enough, Formula 1 is taking an explosive debate with him to Spielberg. The peaks of the PS spectacle hurriedly distanced themselves from the troublemaker Ecclestone, but the topic did not get rid of them so quickly.

In a rather strange and rather crude CNN interview, the 89-year-old claimed that in many cases black people were more racist than white people. Ecclestone coolly rejected the sharp criticism of his successors about managing director Chase Carey.

“I am glad that he said that I am not part of Formula 1, then you cannot be associated with things that they could not do,” said the 89-year-old Briton of the “Mail on Sunday” and recommended Carey to look after the shareholders. “Covid was good for him. He was able to justify everything he didn’t achieve, ”said the longtime boss of Formula 1.

Ecclestone: “Black people should take care of themselves”

In addition, he countered, Formula 1 was only “suddenly jumping on the racism thing because of the events in America”. In the past few weeks, world champion Lewis Hamilton had repeatedly supported the “Black Lives Matter” movement and complained about discrimination against blacks in motorsport. Formula 1 promised a stronger commitment to greater diversity before the restart in Austria next week.

Ecclestone said he had nothing against blacks, but added: “Black people should take care of themselves.” Hamilton had been stunned about sentences like this and wrote on Instagram: “If someone who has been involved in the sport for decades, so understands little of the profound problems black people have to deal with every day, how can we expect understanding from the people who work with him. ”

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Once again, the 35-year-old defending champion proclaimed the “time of change”. It is unclear whether Hamilton will set an example at the race in Styria next Sunday. At the same time, Formula 1 would like to finally turn its attention to the sporty again. The season should now start almost four months later than planned, after the start in Melbourne in mid-March was canceled due to the last minute corona pandemic.

For weeks, the racing series and world association have been preparing emergency operation with page-length regulations. Empty ranks, much less staff on the track, no motorhomes, mask requirement in the garages and regular corona tests – this is the new Formula 1 world. “It’s good that we get started again,” said Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel in a video of his team.

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Niki Lauda’s last weeks

After all, the 32-year-old comes to a couple of trips in the red car before leaving Scuderia at the end of the year. “I think I used my time well to start the season fit. I think that will be a key, ”said Vettel. Formula 1 plans to complete at least 15 World Championship races by mid-December in order to save a large part of the television and sponsorship money. “So many races, hardly any breaks in between, is very exhausting in the long run,” said Vettel.

However, it is still uncertain whether the bosses’ plans will work. Eight ghost races in Europe are scheduled for early September. The ninth will be followed by a Grand Prix on the Ferrari home circuit in Mugello. But then there is still a hole until the last round of the season in Bahrain and Abu Dhabi. Shanghai and Sochi could be other stops. In contrast, trips to Brazil, Mexico or the United States currently seem rather unlikely given the pandemic situation in these countries.

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Around the first two Formula 1 seasonal races in Spielberg on July 5 and 12, a total of 10,000 to 12,000 coronavirus tests should ensure a certain level of safety. Hundreds of hotel employees have been tested for two weeks, so far without a corona case, as Manuela Machner, managing director of the Spielberg tourist association, told the APA news agency.

The good news for Formula 1, however, is drowned out by the roar of the Ecclestone case. The bosses of the racing series would like to banish the former Zampano permanently from the track. “I wouldn’t recommend that to you,” said Ecclestone. Because of the imminent birth of his first son, he will not come to Austria to start. “But I’m definitely in Hungary or Monza.”

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