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Former Cakrabirawa Soldier post-G30S / PKI tragedy

Gridhot.ID – Living in a high-ranking environment does have extraordinary risks.

One of them who gets a big risk at work is team guards President.

Team guards president or Paspampres always looks elite and great.

One of which is team guards President Soekarno, Tjakrabirawa or Cakrabirawa.

Tjakrabirawa was officially disbanded on March 28, 1966 at the headquarters of the Military Police Directorate, Jalan Merdeka Timur, Jakarta.

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The security task for President Soekarno was then given to the Para Pomad Battalion, commanded by CPM Lt. Col. Norman Sasono.

But the dismissal of Tjakrabirawa through the handover ceremony was not “as beautiful” as imagined.

Usually if a troop regiment is liquidated, its members will be returned to their respective units, considering that Tjakrabirawa’s personnel come from Army, Navy, Air Force and police units.

However, what actually happened to the Tjakrabirawa personnel was a disaster.

This happened because all of its personnel were thought to be involved in the September 30th Movement (G30S / PKI).

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So what happened after Tjakrabirawa was disbanded, its personnel were hunted down and arrested by the Indonesian Army for interrogation, torture, and imprisonment without humanity.

Tjakrabirawa personnel who were deemed to have committed serious violations such as being involved in the kidnapping and murder of TNI AD generals were generally executed immediately.

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Realizing that if they were arrested the team of hunters would be subjected to heavy torture during interrogation, many former Tjakrabirawa personnel tried to escape without a trace.

As a member of the military from the best of the army, the way to escape from the former Tjakrabiawa members was also not arbitrary.

Some people even devise strategies so that they can escape in a planned manner and in the place of their intended escape they can still live.

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One of the “entourage” of former Tjakrabirawa personnel, thanks to the help of certain pro-Soekarno officials, was able to legally escape to Thailand and later became Thai citizens.

In order for the flight to Thailand not to cause problems and at the same time not to be confused about finding work and still being able to eat, at first many former Tjakrabirawa members became monks.

While many other members immediately cleared land in the forest.

Incidentally, in the 1970s to cultivate land in Thailand’s forests, it was free of charge.

More than that, land cleared and processed can become the property of the processors.

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Generally, the former Tjakrabirawa today, especially those who are still alive, have become successful farmers and own large tracts of land.

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Former members of Tjakrabirawa in Thailand married local citizens and became official citizens.

One of the characteristics that can be marked by the former Tjakrabirawa personnel is that they have a habit of hunting in the forest and are known to be very good at shooting.

If they meet an Indonesian who is going to Thailand, they are very secretive about their identity as a former Tjakrabirawa.

Although sometimes, especially those from Central Java, really want to speak Javanese when meeting Indonesian tourists who are visiting Thailand.

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Just like soldiers who were in the elite Paspampres unit, at a certain time they gathered and sometimes discussed developments in Indonesia’s socio-political life.

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The story of the Tjakrabirawa Unit in Thailand, escaping from the Soeharto regime until they don't want to return to Indonesia

Line Today

The story of the Tjakrabirawa Unit in Thailand, escaping from the Soeharto regime until they don’t want to return to Indonesia

A number of former Tjakrabirawa members who were scattered in Thailand due to old age have died.

However, although the atmosphere in Indonesia has changed, the former Tjakrabirawa personnel in Thailand actually have one principle, “will never return to Indonesia again”.

There is only one reason. They were sure they would be arrested, interrogated and thrown in prison.

This article was published on Digest with the title Initially Having An Important Department As The Presidential Guard Elite Team, Cakrabirawa Members Precisely Hunted By TNI AD To Run To This Country And Choose To Replace This Profession.

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