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Former Xbox and Blizzard Executive Praises Days Gone Game, Calls for Sequel – Full Review and Ratings

You may remember Days away, an open world survival action game developed by Bend Studios. She was recently praised by a former Xbox and Blizzard executive. The same person suggested a few weeks ago The Last of Us: Part 1 and called Naughty Dog to port the second part. He did the same with Forbidden Horizon of the Westwhile it is recommended PlayStation strategy to release games for PC.

Mike Ibarra in his X branch blog writethat Days Gone deserves at least 85 points. According to Mike, the creators of the game managed to perfectly create a wild environment, giving the whole atmosphere of brotherhood, and the whole tone of the game does not leave anyone indifferent. In conclusion, Mike strongly recommended buying the game. In the comments to the post, many people wrote that they also think that Days Gone is a good game.

In my opinion, this is an 85-88 point game. It does not deserve a low score, as pointed out in the reviews. They captured the desert setting, brotherhood, and overall tone very well. It’s on Steam – buy it if you haven’t already, it’s worth it.

A former Blizzard boss mentions the ratings the game received when it was released. The PS4 version currently has an average rating of 71 on Metacritic. The PC version scored 76 points. This is completely different from what PC gamers think. Days Gone has 92% positive reviews on Steam and 4.6 out of 5 stars on the PS Store.

Bend Studio released the post-apocalyptic Days Gone in 2019, but the fate of the game was not the best. Then the critics respect the project has only 70 points, and games from Sony usually get at least 80. Maybe because of this, we will never see a sequel, despite the fact that players even created a petition at once called for the release of a sequel. By the way, the petition has already collected more than 200 thousand signatures.

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