Former US Secretary of Defense reveals that Trump planned to assassinate Maduro

The Former US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper revealed in a book that the expresidente Donald Trump put on the table February 5, 2020 the possibility that us military forces se “would undo” of the Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

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Trump raised the offer to opposition leaders Juan Guaidó, Julio Borges, Carlos Vecchio and Mauricio Claver-Caronewho know gathered with the leader American on the White House.

“What if the US Army will go down and undo from Maduro?”, raised Trumpalways according to Esperwhich indicates in his booka sacred oath‘ that “I think I was putting Guaidó to the test”.

Guaidó Then he replied that “of course us we will always give welcome to help from USA” and suggested that the Venezuelans who lived in Colombia “they want get it back your country for themselves”. Esper then asked if the Venezuelans they would be ready a “organize, train and fight” because the Army American has experience in to form a foreign forces”. “Yes, I would be,” he replied. Guaidóalthough Esper considers that “not sounded very sure”.

Los assistants they considered that the direct US military invasion era preferable because an invasion from Colombia “would complicated”. “Like I told him sarcastically al president before the meetingI’m sure the opposition Venezuelan ‘I would fight to the last American‘ if so we offered“, said Esper.

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“Nevertheless, Guaidó and Claver-Carone they drove a special operation mercenary similar al murder of the President of Haiti, Jovenel Moïsedied in a attack by former Colombian soldiers.

Trump despised Guaidó because they went to ask “that soldiers of USA invade your country while Maduro was fighting against invasion”, referring to what is known as Operation Gideonsaid Esper. “That is why Trump always thought that Guaidó era ‘weak‘, unable to replace the President Madurowhom he saw as “strong”.

Guaidó, Borges y Vecchio They argued that “it would be more easy and fast yes USA they did it for us”. “Esper asked again: ‘If some of those Venezuelans They may be trained y equipped for USA, would you be willing to fight?’ she never had one response Clara: ‘They told me it was very complicated and it would take a long time,'” he said. Esper.

The former secretary from Defending said at another meeting held on June 9, 2020 with the counselor National security from White House, Robert O’Brienwho proposed a air strike or amphibian to Refining Complex from Jose Antonio Anzoategui to paralyze the oil economy and, with the chaos and popular suffering, overthrow Maduro and impose on Juan Guaido how goverment’s head.

These plans are shaped finally in the Operation Gideon, in which two ancient members of the US special forces led almost 60 Venezuelan dissidents who entered the country in boats with the intention of arrest and overthrow Maduro.

“The murder of the President Maduro was discussed in the White House With the presence of Guaidó, Borges and Vecchio. Mauricio Claver Carone it was part of the plan. An plan very similar to assassination of the president of a Haiti with mercenaries Colombians. In Venezuela failed,” he stressed. Venezuelan ambassador to the UN, Samuel Moncada, in a thread in Twitter commenting on the excerpts from Esper’s book.

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