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Former SEC Head Ladan Stewart Clarifies US Stance on Cryptocurrencies: No Ban Planned

Ladan Stewart, former head of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), has publicly rejected claims suggesting a government agenda against cryptocurrencies.

Emphasizing that the Actions The regulatory body never intended to stifle innovation in the new industry.

Cryptocurrencies will not be banned in the United States

Stewart, now a partner at White & Case LLP, explained that his main focus during his time at the SEC was litigation high profile cases such as those brought against him Ripple y Coinbase. He noted that the group’s approach has always been technologically neutral.

Thus, it clarified widespread speculation about a deliberate crackdown by the SEC on cryptocurrency companies.

“The SEC is not trying to get rid of cryptocurrencies. Our primary concern has always been to ensure protection investors and industry compliance,” said Stewart.

His comments come at a time when business leaders have expressed concerns about that possibility Strict cryptocurrency regulatory measures drive innovation outside of the United States.

According to Stewart, it is vital that the industry adheres to regulations designed to protect investors. The efforts of the SEC always ensure that investors have all the detailed information.

Although the SEC will continue to enforce regulationsthere is no conspiracy to dismantle the crypto industry.

Instead, the focus is on fostering a safe and compliant environment for investors. Which, in turn, supports the healthy growth of the sector.

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Global cryptocurrency regulations. Fountain: Statesman

Important cooperation between regulators and the crypto community

In his opinion, open dialogue and cooperation between regulators and the crypto community They are necessary to resolve current tensions. Stewart’s comments confirm a major shift in management strategies, which They focus on education and compliance rather than restriction.

As someone who has transitioned from a government role to private legal practice, Stewart aims to bridge the gap between the crypto industry and the crypto industry. regulatory frameworks.

His new role is to guide cryptocurrency companies through the complex landscape of US regulations, striving for a balance that respects innovation and legal compliance.


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