Former player of the Brazilian National Team declared himself bisexual, who is it?

It is known by many that the world of historical football has been marked by machismo and homophobia, which is why many players have never confessed their sexual orientation for fear of being judged and discriminated against by their teammates, rivals and fans.

That is why the case of Richarlyson Barbosa Felisbino has drawn attention in Brazil. Since the former soccer player became the first player in the first division and the national team in this country to openly declare himself bisexual.

“Since many people say that my position is important, today I have decided to speak: I am bisexual (…) Now I want to see if it is really going to improve because that is my concern”he said in an interview with the podcast The locker room cabinets referring to the situation of homophobia in the world of football.

The 39-year-old former soccer player managed to be called up to two friendly matches with the five-time world champion team in 2008 and stood out as a player for the powerful São Paulo and Atlético Mineiro, among other teams in the Brazilian league.

In addition, he showed that he is still very skeptical about how the revelation of his sexual preferences will be taken. “The world is not ready yet,” Richarlyson said.

And he added: “I am an ordinary citizen, who had a great history in football, But I can’t move mountains to end these crimes, to end homophobia in football. Unfortunately, the world is not ready to have this discussion and deal with the naturalness about it.”

The Brazilian had a successful soccer career that allowed him to be three times champion of the Brazilian League, he did this wearing the colors of São Paulo, where he conquered the three-time Brasileirao championship in 2006, 2007 and 2008. In addition, it was able to win the Copa Libertadores de América and the Club World Cup in 2005, also with the historic São Paulo team.

The former defender was able to repeat the Copa Libertadores title in 2013, this time, wearing the Atlético Mineiro shirt, after defeating the legendary Olimpia from Paraguay in the final, who had eliminated Independiente Santa Fe in the semifinals.

Despite this successful career, Richarlyson confessed that he was always disrespected and the victim of ridicule and discrimination by rival Brazilian soccer fans, when they noticed that he dressed in sequined clothes, wore pink clothes and had hair extensions.

So the former soccer player’s statements did not surprise many who had already discriminated against him for many years when he was active as a professional player.

Richarlyson finally confessed that he wanted to show everyone who he was and that he would always do what he wanted, no matter what anyone said.

“Brazil is the country that kills the most homosexuals. And here we are talking about football, but football is a small business. Ah, but your speech can help. No, it won’t help.

Who is Richarlyson, for God’s sake? I am a mere ordinary citizen,” said the former soccer player in a tone of indignation at the discrimination and machismo that exists in soccer.

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