Former party leader Yane Yanev becomes livestock breeder, raises elite cattle (Video)


Former MP and leader of the Order, Law and Justice party Yane Yanev is raising cattle today. Yanev has become a stockbreeder in his native Sandanski and raises several hundred elite animals on his farm. This was announced by the website, in front of which he took a stand on the problems of the industry in our country.

“Livestock in our country is potentially endangered. The sector has been reduced to total collapse. It has never been so difficult since 1990,” the former MP told the specialized online media.

Yane Yanev was a member of the 40th and 41st National Assemblies. First he was deputy chairman of the United Democratic Forces (UDF) parliamentary group, then formed his own party, Order, Law and Justice (OJU). In the period 2015-2017, Yanev was appointed an adviser in the political cabinet of Boyko Borissov on the problems of prevention and counteraction to corruption and conflict of interest in power.

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