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If Ku Dae-sung takes the mound, former Hanshin Okspring becomes the oldest mounder

Former Orix left-handed pitcher Gu Dae-sung will return to the active mound at the age of 53. It was announced on the 16th that Geelong Korea, an Australian winter league team operated mainly by players dispatched from Korean professional baseball, will join as active players. It is predicted that he will pitch in the final four consecutive games of the regular season with Adelaide, which will be held from the 19th.

Ku Dae-sung has played for Orix for four years since 2001, with a total of 23 wins and 34 losses and an ERA of 3.88. He later played for the Mets and his former team, Korean professional baseball team Hanwha. He has a record of 67 wins, 71 losses and 214 saves in Korean professional baseball. He pitched for the Sydney Blue Sox through the 2014-15 season, and even pitched in one game in 2018-19 while managing Geelong at the age of 49. If he can pitch this time, it will be the first time in four years since this time.

Korean media also reported this news with surprise. According to the article of “OSEN”, Ku Dae-sung said, “Lee Byung-gyu (former Chunichi) and the team kindly allowed me to wear a uniform again. Since I made my professional baseball debut in 1993, this time I can reach 30 years with the pitching of “. He said, “I built my body so that I can throw about 130 kilograms. I will throw as many innings as possible to help the team.”

In this season’s Australian league, pitcher Chris Okspring, who also played for Hanshin, is enrolled in Sydney as a coach and player, and has already pitched at the age of 45. He has a 2.89 ERA in 11 games. This is the oldest pitching in the league, and if Ku Dae-sung’s pitching comes true, he will be 8 years old at once.

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