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Former Miss Sentenced For Sending Sexy Photos To Teen – CAMEROON MAGAZINE – CAMEROUN INFO

The state of Kentucky has drawn attention after the murder of Breonna Taylor, killed by police (who had entered the wrong address) during a search of her home. He keeps it with a new news item: a former Miss converted into a teacher was sentenced to two years in prison for sending intimate photos to one of her students.

Two years in prison in a West Virginia prison, ten years on probation (after the first two years in prison have been served) and the obligation to register in the federal sex offender file: this is the sentence handed down by a judge against Ramsey Bearse. The ex-Miss Kentucky was sentenced after she admitted sending four topless photos of herself to a 15-year-old college student, via the Snapchat app.

The teenager’s parents discovered the footage on their son’s phone and alerted the police. Ramsey Bearse was arrested in December 2018. She pleaded guilty a year later.

During his plea hearing, Ramsey explained to the judge that the first of the photos sent to the student was originally intended for her husband.

A former Miss Kentucky who admitted to exchanging explicit photos with a teenager has been sentenced to two years at a West Virginia prison https://t.co/dyJwtAvSQ0

Ramsey Bearse is 29 years old. She was named Miss Kentucky in 2014 and then competed in the Miss America finals in 2015. Her journey as a beauty queen ended, she became a teacher and worked at Andrew Jackson College in the town of Cross Lanes, Ontario. Neighboring state of West Virginia. The teenager had been enrolled in the 6th to the 4th.

SOURCE: https://www.w24news.com

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