Former Minister Wiam Wahhab Tweets on Corruption and Mafia in Lebanon’s Infrastructure Projects

The head of the Tawheed Party, the former minister, Wiam Wahhab, tweeted on his Twitter account, writing: “O quorum Saqlawi, tell us about the file of the South Highway standing on Abu Al-Aswad. How did you expel Qasioun, how did you introduce another company, and how much a kilometer cost, and people die because of poor implementation.”

And he added, “O quorum, tell us how you established a mafia that collects checks from people and gives them cash and surety from your own money. I challenge you, quorum, to distribute a list of the projects that you needed, including wells, roads, and playgrounds, according to any mechanism.

He continued, “I turn to President Berri, whom we love and respect, to put an end to this thief who insults the martyrs of the Amal movement and its heroic resistance fighters, so that people like him do not continue to steal the achievements of the resistance fighters.”

And he added, “As for those with me, O Saqlawi, we give them from our private money and our personal income, and we do not give them from public property, as you do with your companions, to rape and seize it, and you have a promise from me, O swindler, that I will drive you from your permission to the door of the prison soon, and I will include you in the Guinness Book as the largest thief employee in the history of the Republic.” Lebanese.”

And he concluded, “For clarification, Nassif Saqlawi, an expatriate in Ivory Coast, is respectable and humane, and earned his livelihood from the sweat of his brow, but our quorum Nassif invests in Ivory Coast with fictitious names and smuggles his thefts there because he cannot smuggle them to Europe.”

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2023-06-01 16:39:09
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