Former Eystruper reports on life in New York during the Corona crisis

Eystrup / New York – When Birgit Christine Martitz visited her mother in Eystrup in December 2019, the world was still all right. When talking about Corona, one thought at most of the beer brand of the same name. Now, almost half a year later, the German who lives in New York fondly remembers that time. Because the conditions in the world metropolis are frightening.

“A German friend of mine, who lives around the corner from me here in New York City, flew back to her second home in Germany on one of the last Lufthansa flights with her family shortly before everything was closed”, says Martitz. Her acquaintance said that it was safer in the German homeland. “Which she was right in any case,” admits the former resident of the joint congregation. She has lived in the Big Apple since 1995 and did not want to flee at the last second.

She regrets this decision a little, because in the meantime her city has turned out to be the epicenter of the coronavirus: “Life here seems like a science fiction film to me. Especially here on the Upper East Side, right near Lenox Hill Hospital, where the dead are carried in refrigerated trucks out of the back door of the hospital and further trucks unload stacks of coffins a little further, ambulance sirens wail day and night and residents be carried out of their buildings on stretchers in ambulances. “

All places that are otherwise extremely busy would currently be deserted. The Lincoln Center is completely cordoned off and there is a sign that says “We’ll be back after a short intermission.” (We’ll be back after a short break) on the door.

A third of the corona deaths in the United States come from New York

A third of all deaths in the United States come from New York. “A friend who is a pulmonologist says that the patients are dying like flies and that two of his colleagues have already died of the virus,” says Birgit Christine Martitz, describing the terrible experiences. The fact that many residents have no health insurance for financial reasons makes things even more difficult. The health system in America is in no way comparable to that in Germany. “When I hear from my yoga clients in Germany about the health system there, I sometimes think that Germans really don’t know how well they are doing,” says Birgit Christine Martitz.

According to the New Yorker, it is also frightening that 87 subway and bus drivers have already died of the corona virus in their adopted home. This was reported to her by a friend who works for the MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority). “Apart from the huge losses that the MTA is now losing, the doctors, nurses, the nursing staff – all are the real heroes – and the supermarket employees have to come to work especially now,” says Martitz, describing the dilemma.

Neighbors knock on cooking pots for doctors and nurses at 7 p.m.

Every night at 7 p.m., her neighbors would knock on saucepans and clap for the nurses, doctors, and nurses in all the hospitals. This sign of recognition will be transmitted over the intercom in the hospitals.

Despite all these circumstances, Martitz said he was not afraid. Her recipe, on the other hand, is yoga. She is a yoga teacher and has launched her own DVD and app. Her job helps her through the crisis. “Because yoga is against stress and anxiety,” she says. “Of course, everything is scary when you hear the news and also see what is going on in your circle of friends and acquaintances, but you have to concentrate on the present moment and stay positive, because fear only makes everything worse,” is the 52 -Year-olds sure.

Birgit Christine Martitz hopes to be able to visit her mother in Eystrup again soon. She is also the one who keeps her daughter up to date on what is happening in Germany. “We make phone calls every day,” says Martitz.

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