Former driver: ‘Title too important for Verstappen and Hamilton, they hate each other’

The French former driver René Arnoux does not mince words: there is indeed hatred on the track in between Max Verstappen on Lewis Hamilton. According to him, neither of them wants to let this world title pass by.

All season long it has been about the competition between Hamilton and Verstappen. Sometimes it gets very high. For example, because they regularly come into contact with each other on the track and even crash together. But also outside the track sometimes violent words are exchanged. Still, both drivers say they have a good relationship. Yet Arnoux calls the real ‘competitive hatred’ that the drivers radiate on the circuit.

‘Hope Verstappen wins’

Speaking to La Gazzetta dello Sport, he says: “Thanks to Hamilton and Verstappen we are finally having fun again. I think the battle will last until the last race and it will be decided with a few points. I hope so.” He also expresses his preference. “I also hope Max wins for a change, but I think Lewis will win in the end because Mercedes always knows how to react to difficult situations.”

Making history and seizing opportunities

The battle has now led to clashes several times. “I think the crash at Silverstone gave him [Verstappen, red] made you think: it could have been a lot worse. Monza was different. They didn’t risk their safety and neither gave up. That’s their duel.” According to Arnoux, that’s where the risk lies. “They hate each other. Competition hate on the track, I don’t think so. It’s just that this title is too important for both of them. For Lewis it means making history, but Max knows not to waste this opportunity.”



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