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During an appearance on the TV program “Lippert” on TV 2 News, Frederiksen stated that a secret wiretapping agreement had been entered into between Denmark’s then Prime Minister Poul Nyrup and US President Bill Clinton.

The agreement was that they would drain internet cables for information.

It is after all to judge these statements that are the basis for the accusation against the former Minister of Defense, writes the news agency Ritzau.

He also said that the Armed Forces Intelligence Service (FE) had set up filters in an attempt to ensure that the US intelligence agency National Security Agency (NSA) did not have access to information about Danish citizens.

Confirmed charge

– I can confirm that I am charged under the Penal Code for having violated the limits of my freedom of expression. I have stated myself as a parliamentary representative in a political case, and I currently have nothing more to add, says Frederiksen in a statement.

He was Minister of Defense in Denmark between 2016 and 2019 and represents the Liberal Party. He has also been Minister of Finance.

He is charged under section 109 of the Danish Penal Code, which is about revealing or passing on state secrets, according to Ritzau.

Fifth charge in a short time

Section 109 of the Penal Code is not a section that is widely used in Denmark. The penalty is up to twelve years in prison.

– I could never have dreamed of doing something that could harm Denmark or Denmark’s interests, Frederiksen continues.

He is the fifth person to be charged under this section in a short time. On December 8, the head of the Armed Forces Intelligence Service (FE) in Denmark, Lars Findsen, and three other current or former employees of the country’s two intelligence services were also charged.

In that case, the Police Intelligence Service (PET) has said that the suspicion is about a leak of top secret information, but it is not further stated what the case is about.

Warned media houses

The Danish media, on the other hand, have reported that there is talk that the heads of PET and FE have gone to several media houses and warned against the consequences of publishing specific classified information – which was later reproduced in the media.

Findsen has denied having done anything wrong, and after a court hearing on January 10, he described the accusation as “crazy”.

It is not known whether the charges against Frederiksen are related to the charges on 8 December.

The Danish Ministry of Defense does not want to comment on the accusation against Frederiksen.


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