Former coordinator of the sanctions policy of the State Department Freed told who will win the confrontation between the United States and China

“In the short term, dictatorship has its advantages. But in the end, democracies tend to succeed. This is the point that I talked about. [госсекретарь США] Tony Blinken before meeting with Chinese officials in Alaska. Democracy wins in the end. It’s a bad idea to bet against America in the long run, “the diplomat said.


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  • As the agency notes Reuters, the United States and China have disagreements over influence in the Indo-Pacific region, on economic issues, the situation in Hong Kong and Taiwan, and on the observance of human rights in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region (States accuse China of Uyghur genocide and other ethnic and religious minorities in the region).
  • In February 2021, China urged the United States to forge a dialogue. But in order to emphasize Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, Washington should stop “denigrating” the Chinese Communist Party, not interfere in China’s internal affairs concerning Hong Kong, Xinjiang and Tibet, and not raise the issue of independence of Taiwan, reported the publication Global Times.
  • The administration of US President Joe Biden called the relationship between the US and China “the main geopolitical test of the 21st century.” “China is the only country with economic, diplomatic, military and technological strength that can seriously challenge a stable and open international system of rules, values ​​and relationships. Our relationship with China will be competitive when needed, cooperative when possible, and adversarial. when it is necessary”, – said in a March statement by US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken.
  • In March first round of Sino-American talks held in Alaska high level in which participated Blinken and Wang I. At the meetingThe American side expressed dissatisfaction with China’s policy in Xinjiang, Hong Kong, Taiwan, as well as cyber attacks on the United States and economic pressure on allies. Each of these actions threaten the order that maintains global stability, the secretary of state said. In response, the Chinese side accused the United States of introducing negotiations from a position of strength.
  • At the end of March on its first presidential press conference Biden said that the American authorities, together with allies, want to force China to follow international rules in respect of human rights. He also said that China has a goal – “to become the leading country in the world, the richest, the most powerful.” “But while I am on duty, this will not happen”, – emphasized Biden.
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