Former coach compares Nikola Mirotic to Larry Bird and high expectations for Olimpia Milano

Former coach compares Nikola Mirotic to Larry Bird and high expectations for Olimpia Milano

25/09/2023 and las 17:34 CEST

Dan Peterson, former coach, compares the player to the legend Larry Bird, placing high expectations on Olimpia Milano this season

The stir that the signing of Nikola Mirotic has created in Italy has not diminished despite losing in the ‘Supercoppa’

The season has not started well at Olimpia Milano and despite this, expectations with Nikola Mirotic are very high in Italy. The defeat in the Italian ‘Supercoppa’ against Virtus has not made Ettore Messina’s new project worry. that despite the fact that last season was negative, he has started his fourth season leading the team. Olimpia Milano lives the dream of becoming great againafter the fiasco of last season where they did not even qualify for the Euroleague quarterfinal playoff.

And Petersonformer coach of Olimpia Milansigned Sunday’s editorial in La Gazzetta dello Sport: “As was already said in the summer, Olimpia caused a stir in the transfer market with the arrival of power forward Nikola Mirotic208 cm tall, with excellent experience in the NBA (my friends from Chicago still regret his departure from the Bulls), as well as in the Euroleague with Barcelona. “He is a ‘total’ player, like Larry Bird once was.”.

These words of ‘reinforcement’ came after the first major defeat against Virtus Bologna in the Italian ‘Suppercoppa’. The team accused the ‘post-World Cup’, with a lack of preparation of the players with their team, Tonut, Ricci, Melli and Voigtmann and Lo, they have barely trained with the team. The season of the Milanese team will be very marked by the role they play in the Euroleague, with a leader like Mirotic, who He was not able to win the top European competition with Barcelona.

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