Former club chairman Achilles ’29 arrested after confrontation with pedo hunters | Inland

The former chairman of the Gelderland football club Achilles ’29 has been arrested by the police as part of an investigation into grooming. On Tuesday evening, Harrie Derks reported to the police station to report libel against self-proclaimed pedo hunters. They had posted a video of him on Facebook accusing him of pedophilia.

On the basis of information that became known Tuesday evening, an investigation into grooming has been started. That is why the man was arrested ‘, the police say.

Grooming is the process by which an offender gains the trust of a victim with the aim of sexually abusing them. The term is mainly used to describe the way pedophiles work.

The police further reports: ‘Many messages and images about the case circulate on social media. It is important for the police to find out whether and what exactly happened. This investigation is still ongoing. Therefore no further announcements are made. ‘

Appointment with 14-year-old girl

Derks was set up by pedo hunters who filmed him somewhere in Utrecht while he was on his way to a date with a 14-year-old girl. Online app traffic was also shared about that date. For this, the pedo hunters created a fake account of the girl.

The men say they deliberately set him up. “He’s on a chat site for pedos. We also look at that and then we approached him. He just wanted to meet up with a 14-year-old girl. It’s a predator, ”says one of them.

They say they have been called by the police. On Friday they will hand over all their evidence to the police in Nijmegen.

‘Put together’

Derks himself denies in all keys. He said the allegations are nonsense and that ‘nothing at all’ has happened.

He would have been framed and the apps were, according to him, put together by the pedo hunters. He himself went to the police in Nijmegen to report libel.

The entire item on this matter has since been removed from Facebook. According to the pedo hunters, this was done by Facebook itself. They continue with their hunt: “We just caught one at Ikea in Utrecht,” they said.

Photo for illustration. © Venema Media

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