Former Chief of Staff Writes Revealing Book About Melania Trump: ‘She Was Too Busy With New Carpet During Capitol Storming’ | Abroad

“New.” That was the very short message she received from Melania Trump on January 6, according to Stephanie Grisham. A minute earlier, Grisham had texted the first lady “if she wanted to tweet that peaceful demonstration is the right of every American, but there is no place for lawlessness and violence.” Melania refused, even though at the time the Capitol was stormed by supporters of her husband who refused to believe that the presidential election had gone well. Ultimately, five people were killed in the storm.


The short answer — according to the book, Melania Trump had no time at the time because she was doing a photo shoot of a new carpet she had bought — was the last straw for Grisham. Although she had been employed by the first lady for many years, she resigned within an hour. She said she could no longer justify this. “That one message broke me,” she writes in the book. “I have defended her for a long time against all kinds of accusations, but I too now see her as a kind of Marie-Antoinette, the doomed French queen (who was guillotined in the aftermath of the French Revolution, ed.). Rejecting, defeated, detached from reality.”


Grisham, the press secretary known for never holding a press conference during her entire stint in the White House, doesn’t stop there. For example, according to Grisham, Melania was adamant that the presidential election had been rigged and that her husband had therefore lost unlawfully. “That’s why she refused to accept Jill Biden.” (her successor as first lady, ed.) and to ensure a smooth transition. I tried to explain to her that there are minor irregularities in every election, but there was no major conspiracy to get her husband out of the White House. However, she refused to believe it.”

Melania Trump’s camp has already responded to the allegations with a press release. “The purpose of this book is clear: an attempt to excuse oneself after a terrible performance as press secretary and unprofessional behavior at the White House. Through falsehoods and betrayal, Grisham is trying to make money off Mrs Trump’s back.”

Former First Lady Melania Trump.

Former First Lady Melania Trump.

In the book ’I’ll take your questions now: what I saw in the White House’, which will be released on October 5, according to Politico, Grisham would also make revelations about Donald Trump and his son-in-law Jared Kushner. Grisham has secrets about Donald Trump that even Melania doesn’t know about.


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