Former Chelsea defender Gary Cahill retires


Former defender Chelsea and the England national team Gary Cahill decided to retire. Cahill hung up his boots at the age of 36.

Cahill spent seven years of his career with Chelsea. He made 290 appearances while in uniform The blues in 2012-2019.

Cahill won a total of eight trophies with Chelsea. The Champions League title in 2012 was Cahill’s biggest title ever.

After leaving Chelsea in 2019, Cahill joined Crystal Palace for two years. Unable to reach agreement on a new contract, Cahill then moved to Bournemouth in 2021.

Cahill has contracted just one season from Bournemouth. After leaving Bournemouth last summer, the former Bolton player is without a club.

“Obviously it was a tough decision in some respects, but I think I knew this journey had to end at some point. I just felt like now was the right time,” said Cahill Sky Sports.

“I have options. I could have played in the Premier League and I have several options with a Championship side who I’m flattered they still have offers.”

“But right now, so is my career, my kids are settled in school and that would mean moving again,” Cahill said.

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