Formation of Indonesian U-24 National Team with Sananta and Beckham in the 2022 Asian Games (2023)

Formation of Indonesian U-24 National Team with Sananta and Beckham in the 2022 Asian Games (2023)

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Monday, 25 Sep 2023 22:21 IWST

Ramadhan Sananta has been registered to appear at the 2022 Asian Games (2023). (ANTARA FOTO/HO PSSI Public Relations)

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Arrival Muhammad Ramadhan Sananta and Beckham Putra Nugraha will change the composition of the formation Indonesian U-24 National Team who competed in the knockout phase of the 2022 Asian Games (2023).

Sananta and Beckham just left for Hangzhou on Monday (25/9) evening with the Chairman of the National Team Agency (BTN) Sumardji.

It is believed that the arrival of Persis Solo and Persib Bandung players will not just be a complement when referring to the less than optimal performance of the Indonesian U-24 National Team during group phase matches.

Sananta will most likely occupy the spearhead post. In the previous match, this position was occupied alternately by Titan Agung and Hugo Samir. Meanwhile, in the match against North Korea, Indonesia used two attackers.

Judging by Indra Sjafri’s habit of often using a 4-3-3 formation, Sananta will be ‘overshadowed’ by players who can attack the wings such as Ramai Rumakiek and Egy Maulana Vikri.

Meanwhile, Beckham, who is expected to be able to stimulate creativity in the middle, will play with Syahrian Abimanyu and another player who is more of a defensive player, such as Ananda Raehan Alief or Alfeandra Dewangga.

It’s just that Beckham’s physical condition, which has just been injured, still leaves a question mark. If he is not completely fit, Beckham may not play in full.

The defensive line-up if Dewangga plays as a defensive midfielder will consist of Rizky Ridho and Andy Setyo in position center backas well as Robi Darwis and Haykal Alhafiz as full back.

Ernando Ari Sutaryadi, who has played twice and conceded once in the group phase, will most likely be an option between the sticks again.

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