Forever in Hell for People Who Don’t Say This Sentence, Gus Baha: I’m Until I Cry Read His Book

SUKABUMI MANTRA- The caretaker of the Tahfidz LP3I Islamic boarding school from Rembang, Gus Baha indeed often give tausiyah about the interpretation of the Qur’an and the science of jurisprudence.

His relaxed style of talk and accompanied by jokes is a distinctive feature of Gus Baha.

In a tausiyah event Gus Baha ever explained about sentence who can save someone from hell.

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Gus Baha said that for people who often make mistakes will forever be hell if not pronounce sentence this.

Gus Baha reveals that no matter how big a person’s sin is, Allah will forgive him while reciting it sentence this.

However, it is different if there are people who make mistakes such as immorality or associating partners with Allah (shirk) without reading sentence this will be on hell forever.

Then Gus Baha suggest that anyone who has ever or frequently made a mistake to recite it.

Because, potential is forgiven and kept away from fire hell big enough to be granted by Allah SWT.



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