Forest fire in Izmir: 1 detention

The fire broke out at noon yesterday, near the Çile District of Menderes district of Izmir.

The fire, which emerged from a reason that has not been determined yet, has also grown under the influence of the wind and has also affected the Ahmetbeyli and Özdere neighborhoods.

Bekir Pakdemirli, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, who went to the region yesterday, said that the fire was taken under control after 22 hours.

Pakdemirli drew attention to the barbecue fire, saying that there is food and drink material at the starting point of the flames.

Pakdemirli, “Friends have a determination. Food and beverage material was found at the starting point. It is thought that it may have been accidentally removed by someone who came for food and beverage. I guess it may have been influenced by 300-400 hectares. we have custody, “he said.


The helicopters also participated in the cooling works, which started after the fire, which started yesterday afternoon near Çile village and spread rapidly under the influence of the wind, together with the first hours of the day.

The teams, trying to prevent a new fire in the region, also increased the measures around the Koru Site, which is between the flames.

Due to the fire, the treatment facility and the garden of 79 residences have been heavily destroyed. Thanks to the precautions taken by the Izmir Forestry Regional Directorate teams around the site, there was no major damage to the houses.

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