Forensic Doctors Reveal Wounds on Amelia’s Body, Police Are Sure to Arrest the Perpetrators

MAJALENGKA PORTAL– Case investigation the murder of a mother and child in Subang which took the lives of Tuti Suhartini (55) and Amelia Mustika Ratu alias Amel (23) is still continuing.

The National Police Headquarters brought in forensic expert Dr Hastry to return for autopsies on the bodies of the two victims on Saturday, October 2, 2021.

Until now, the community is waiting for the forensic results to determine who the perpetrators are.

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According to dr. Astry as a forensic expert at the National Police Headquarters on the Suara Rakyat YouTube channel, Chanel Official, said that the case of the murder of mother and child in Subang will soon be revealed.

The day after carrying out the autopsy, a number of police arrived at the scene of the murder along with a forensic expert from the National Police Headquarters, Dr Hastry.

During the crime scene, Dr. Hastry also revealed a number of facts related to the murder of the mother and child.

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Judging from the Instastory page of Dr. Hastri, it looks like the living room of the victim’s house is in disarray.



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