Foreigners buy $848 million worth of Emirati shares within a week

Malik Salameh – directedAt the close of trading last week, the net purchase of foreign shares from UAE financial markets stocks amounted to AED 367 million, or $100 million.

According to data from the UAE financial markets, foreign investors made purchases of shares in Dubai and Abu Dhabi for a value that exceeded 3.112 billion dirhams, equal to 848 million dollars, compared with sales of 2.745 billion dirhams, equal to 747 million dollars, with a net purchase of 367 million dirhams.

Over the past week, the value of foreign purchases of shares in the Abu Dhabi securities market was around AED 2.297 billion, compared with sales of AED 2.032 billion.

Overseas purchases during a week on the Dubai Stock Exchange amounted to approximately AED 815.319 million, compared with sales of approximately AED 713.116 million.

The net purchase of foreign shares in the Abu Dhabi market amounted to AED 265 million, compared with a net purchase in the Dubai market of AED 102.203 million.

It is stated that UAE Financial Market Indices It was mixed at the close of trading last week amid the possibility of the Federal Reserve slowing interest rate hikes.

Dubai financial market posted market losses of AED 2.357 billion, equal to $642 million, and Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange made market gains of AED 7 billion, equal to $1.9 billion .

The Dubai Financial Market Index fell 1.4% at the end of trading the previous week, reaching 3305 points, compared to 3352 points at the end of last week’s session.

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