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It is a mistake to assume that Hungary, like any other European country, exists in a vacuum – commented representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Oleg Nikolenko information about the Hungarian position on sanctions against Russia.

Nikolenko quoted a media report: “Hungary will not support EU sanctions against Russia in the energy sector, and also opposes a no-fly zone over Ukraine and a peacekeeping mission proposed by Poland.”

So, in his opinion, the Hungarian Foreign Ministry adheres to the argument “Do not provoke Russia.”

“Don’t provoke Russia” is a common argument when it comes to giving Russia more space for aggression. Of course, we do not wish anyone the grief that Ukrainians have faced because of the Russian war. At the same time, it is a mistake to believe that Hungary, like any other European country, exists in a vacuum,” Nikolenko replied.

Ukraine actually protects the eastern border of NATO, he stressed.

“If Russia manages to achieve its criminal goal in Ukraine, our neighbors will be the next target. More on that now speak openly Russian ambassadors abroad,” the Foreign Ministry spokesman explained.

He reminded Hungarian officials of their words about protecting the rights of foreign Hungarians.

“Just yesterday, evidence appeared that the FSB of the Russian Federation is trying to undermine the situation in Transcarpathia using the Hungarian factor. Hungary has always positioned itself as a defender of the rights of foreign Hungarians. We call on Hungary to openly condemn this provocation by Russia and use its developed communication channels with Moscow to prevent any provocations with the aim inciting inter-ethnic hatred in Ukraine,” Nikolenko stressed.

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And he added: “It’s time to be honest with ourselves. Peace and security in Hungary cannot be guaranteed without peace and security in Ukraine. You should not hope that attempts to appease the aggressor will be successful. This is proved by history, including Hungary itself” .

Catherine Amelina

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