Foreign ministers of South Korea, Japan and the United States will collaborate with the Security Council … Inevitably tightening of sanctions against North Korea


Foreign affairs chiefs from South Korea, the United States, and Japan had a phone call and discussed the direction of North Korea’s response to medium-range ballistic missiles.

First, they strongly condemned North Korea’s missile provocations and agreed to cooperate with the UN Security Council response.

Interestingly, stronger sanctions against North Korea come out.

Correspondent Han Sang-yong.


Shortly after the news of North Korea’s launch of an intermediate-range missile, the foreign ministers of South Korea, the United States and Japan made an urgent move.

“North Korea also launched a threatening medium-range ballistic missile this morning. We just had an emergency phone call with the US Secretary of State and the Japanese Foreign Minister to discuss countermeasures.”

During the meeting, Secretary Park and US Secretary of State Tony Blincoln strongly condemned the North Korean missile launch as a serious provocation in clear violation of a number of UN Security Council resolutions.

“Continued provocations from North Korea cannot be tolerated,” he said, adding that the three sides have agreed to strengthen cooperation between the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the United States and South Korea, the United States and Japan. , including a response at the Security Council level.

In the telephone conversation with Japanese Foreign Minister Hayashi, Minister Park also paid attention to the fact that North Korean missiles passed through the Japanese archipelago and fell into the Pacific Ocean, and agreed that Korea’s nuclear and missile provocations from the North would further strengthen cooperation on security and outside the region, including South Korea, the United States and Japan.

The US and Japanese foreign ministers also held separate hardwired consultations and issued a position that “is a significant and imminent threat to the security of Japan and an obvious and serious challenge to the international community.”

Future attention will be focused on measures to respond to Security Council cooperation on the international stage.

Among the Security Council responses, the highest level of action is the resolution of sanctions against North Korea.

In addition to this, a plan to issue a statement by the President of the Security Council as an expression of common opinion and a press statement is also discussed.

However, it raises the possibility that only free countries will carry out a declaration as to whether China and Russia, which have both dominated North Korea, will oppose a Security Council resolution or joint declaration.

At the same time, while it is difficult to work out a new sanctions plan at the level of the Security Council, it is expected that it will be inevitable to promote measures to strengthen sanctions against North Korea centered on South Korea, the United States and Japan.

This is Yonhap News TV Han Sang-yong.

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