Foreign Media Values ​​Indonesia as the Last Country to Recover from Covid-19, Epidemiologist Explanation

TRIBUNKALTIM.CO – Indonesia is said to be the last country to recover from the pandemic Covid-19.

Such is the view foreign media see handling performance Corona virus in the Homeland.

President Joko Widodo ( Jokowi) choose an option Enforcement of Restrictions on Community Activities or Emergency PPKM which is now renamed to PPKM level 4.

Indonesia has always refused to exercise options lockdown, as used by many other countries in the world.

the last two months, Indonesia hit by a big wave of the pandemic Covid-19.

The daily transmission rate of the Corona Virus has even jumped to 50 thousand cases per day.

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Health facilities are overwhelmed and end up rejecting many patients Covid-19.

As a result, the patient Covid-19 forced to undergo self-isolation or isoman.

Reported from in an article entitled This Epidemiologist Says About Indonesia Predicted To Be The Last Country To Come Out Of The Pandemic, Foreign media reports said that Indonesia was predicted to be one of the ‘last countries’ to emerge from the Corona Virus (Covid-19) pandemic crisis because it did not have a strategic policy in health recovery efforts.

Then how is the response of epidemiologists, when viewed from the handling of the pandemic that is currently being carried out by the government?


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