Foreign media: Japan kills 470,000 chickens after bird flu outbreak – Xinhua

Foreign media: Bird flu epidemic ravages Japan, kills 470,000 chickens

Hangzhou network Release time: 2022-11-29 01:37

Reference News Network reported on Nov. 28 that, according to a report by Russia’s Tokyo Satellite Agency, an outbreak of bird flu broke out in Kagoshima County in southwest Japan on Nov. 27, and a total of about 470,000 chickens ha immediately started to be shot down.

The report cites Kyodo News that suspected cases appeared in Kagoshima prefecture earlier this weekend. Genetic analysis confirmed the local presence of highly pathogenic strains of avian influenza. Quarantine of chickens and eggs is carried out within a radius of 3 kilometers from the infected area, and the transport of chickens and eggs beyond 10 kilometers is prohibited.

According to the report, bird flu outbreaks have occurred in Okayama, Kagawa, Miyagi, Aomori and Hokkaido since the autumn. Since the first round of bird flu outbreaks this season was reported in late October, Japan has culled an estimated 2.75 million birds.

(Original title: Foreign Media: Bird Flu Epidemic Ravages Japan, Kills 470,000 Chickens)

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