Foreign investors frenziedly bought 72.2 billion yuan in Taiwan stocks, the second highest in history, and the three major legal entities jointly bought 82.741 billion yuan | Anue tycoon-Taiwan stock market trend

The Golden Rabbit reported good news. Taiwan stocks opened red today (30). Due to the holiday period of the Spring Festival, U.S. stocks rose more than fell, and the market expected that the FOMC’s interest rate decision-making meeting this week may slow down the pace of interest rate hikes. The market staged a compensatory rise. Leading electronic weightage stocks soared,weighted indexIn the end, it rose 560.89 points to close at 15493.82 points, reaching the highest point of the audience and regaining the annual line. Foreign capital bought 72.219 billion yuan today, setting a record for the second highest single day in history.

Observing the chips movement of the three major legal persons today, foreign investors bought over 72.219 billion yuan in a large scale, which was the 10th consecutive trading day. . The three major legal persons bought over 82.741 billion yuan in total.

TSMC (2330-TW) The stock price rose 7.95% today, closing at the highest of 543 yuan in the audience, a new high since June last year, and the market value also returned to the 14 trillion yuan mark, contributing more than 300 points to the market; 6.6%; UMC simultaneously soared more than 6%, closing at 48.8 yuan.

Other electronics stocks were favored by buyers at the same time, including ASE Investment Holdings, ASUS, Nanya Technology, Advantech, etc., all rose by 3-4%. ABF substrate manufacturer Xinxing rose by more than 7%, and Nandian also rose by nearly 5%. , the panel Shuanghu Youda and Innolux rose by about 5% simultaneously.

The stock king Dali Guang rose more than 4% to close at 2165 yuan. After the stock market, Xinhua also rose more than 4% and returned to the 2000 yuan club. AirTAC-KY returned to the ranks of thousands of gold stocks. Other high-priced stocks also performed strongly. Xiangshuo went straight to the daily limit price of 888 yuan, Silicon Power*-KY simultaneously gapped and the daily limit was locked at 578 yuan, and other stocks including Liwang, Paradigm-KY, Creative, AES-KY, Jingce, etc. all rose more than 500 yuan. Half stop board.

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Financial stocks are also the focus of buying today. Among them, Taishin Gold rose by more than half the limit, Yushan Gold also rose by more than 3%, and Fubon Gold and Heku Gold rose by more than 2%. Shipping stocks were mixed. The container duo was adjusted. Evergreen and Yangming both fell by more than 1%, and Wan Hai bucked the trend and rose by nearly 3%.

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